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Introducing our all-new…

Private Beading Classes

(In place of our previous group setting, classes are now conducted on a one-on-one basis, which gives you an experience that’s tailored to your specifics style and level)

 PLEASE NOTE: there will be no classes held in OCTOBER, 2017!

It’s ideal for anyone…


· · who’s interested in learning how to bead, regardless of level and experience


· who wants to try a hands-on craft that is fun, exciting and encourages your creativity


· who wants to create individualized projects at your own pace and time



·  who wants to focus on a specific area or technique

·  who enjoys the personal attention of a private class

 Classes are 1.5 hours long and cost $25 per session and per person.

Please read the following information carefully before calling to sign up for a class…


· Unsure of which class to take first? 

Our introduction to stringing is the most popular class that allows you to familiarize yourself with the world of beading.


· Got a specific project in mind?

Give us a call to discuss the ideas and see if that technique or style is something we can teach in one of the classes.


· Can I learn 2 different techniques (for example, pearl knotting and wire-wrapping) within the same class?

We can incorporate similar techniques into one class…

o Stringing and stretchy bracelets

o Earring-making and wire-wrapping

o Pearl knotting with stone or vice versa


We do not want to overwhelm you with the many types of beading methods. 


· Can I bring my own beads?

We ask that all beads be purchased from our store. 


· What will be provided in the class?

Tools and stringing materials will be provided.  Remember to bring your reading glasses.  Should you require a magnifier, feel free to bring it along.


· What does the class fee not include?

All beads and findings will not be included. 

We offer a wide variety of beads at different price points that will appeal to a wide range of customers.  Feel free to come in and have a look at our beads before signing up to see if we have what you want to create.

· Can I come with a group of friends?

 Yes, we can arrange a group class as long as everyone will be taking the same type of class.


· How do I sign on?

Call us at 604-683-6323 to arrange a class.

After signing up, should your plans change, please give us at least 2 days’ notice to cancel or reschedule. 

 Although we are flexible in scheduling, the best times for classes are on weekdays, from 11-11:30 or 12-1:30.

· Where can I find parking?

There are several 3-hour free parking spaces right in front of our store.  Otherwise, there are additional parking all over Granville Island. 

To avoid being ticketed, be sure not to park in a 1-hour parking spot.   


Classes are 1.5 hours long and cost $25 per session and per person.

· $25 + cost of material depending on what you choose.  

Participants may NOT bring their own beads to class.

· To sign up, please call (604) 683-6323 or visit our store

Introduction to Beading: Stringing

Class Description: Have you always wanted to make your own piece of beaded jewelry? In that case, this beginner-friendly class is a great place for you to get started. Learn how to finish your piece professionally using crimp beads, and then design your own piece by using the beads that you have chosen.  Stretchy bracelets can also be made in this class.

What you will learn how to: string bracelet or necklace using beading wire, attach clasps using crimps, design necklaces, and choose beads and tools

Wire-wrapping Necklaces

 Class Description: Looking for an alternative method to stringing for putting together your beads?  Wire-wrapping is the way to go.  Wire-wrapping jewelry allows you to create a look that is simple but yet sophisticated.    

 What you will learn how to: wire wrap beads, design necklaces using wire, choose the gauge of wire to use,  choose beads and tools

Pearl Knotting

Class Description: Pearl knotting is a traditional method used to ensure that pearl beads are well protected by the added cushion of a silk knot.  This class allows you to learn how to enjoy hand-knotting pearl beads in order to create elegant pearl necklaces.

What you will learn how to: hand knot pearl beads, which size of silk cord to use, and choose beads and tools

Gemstone Knotting

Class Description: Knotting in between gemstone beads has many advantages such as ensuring that stone beads are well protected by the added cushion of a knot and preventing all beads to be lost in case of breakage.  In this class, you will learn how to use cord to hand-knot stones beads and how to finish longer knotted necklaces without the use of a clasp.

What you will learn how to: hand knot stone beads, finish knotted necklaces with clasp (if desired), choose the size of cord to use and choose beads and tools


Earrings Making 

 Class Description: Learn to make earrings with simple loops and wrapped loops.  Once you know the basics of earring-making, you can expand your knowledge into making chandelier, cluster, single drop earrings.  Earrings are so much fun to make that you can make one for each of the outfits.  You’ll go home with 3-4 finished pairs of earrings and…possibly wearing one of your new pairs. 

 What you will learn how to: wire wrap beads, design earrings, and choose beads and tools

 Ø All classes are one-session classes

Ø All tools will be provided in class and are also available for purchasing

Ø Class space is reserved by prepayment of the class fee

Ø All classes are non-refundable. 

Ø Schedule subject to change and we will notify you by phone should your class be affected.  In the event of a cancellation, a full refund of prepaid fees will be available.

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